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ASS1/SMAD6 FISH Probe Kit   Cat No  CT-PAC171
瓜胺酸血症 & 其他癌症檢測試劑套組   

The ASS1/SMAD6 FISH Probe Kit is designed to detect the human ASS1 gene located on chromosome band 9q34.11, and the SMAD6 gene on chromosome band 15q22.31. Abnormal expression of the ASS1 gene – also called ASS or CTLN1 – occur in citrullinemia type I (CTLN1), also known as classic citrullinemia. Abnormalities in SMAD6 – also known as AOVD2MADH6MADH7 or HsT17432 – are associated with cardiac valve defects and developmental deficiencies. SMAD6 expression has been reported to promote cell survival in lung cancer and other tumor types.


The probe is labeled with CytoOrange and CytoGreen. CytoOrange is a fluorophore with an excitation peak at 551nm and emission peak at 575nm, giving it an orange fluorescent signal with an appropriate filter; CytoGreen has an excitation peak at 495nm and emission peak at 518nm, giving it a green fluorescent signal with an appropriate filter.

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