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  基因座特定探針 (LSP)
LSP ABL1 FISH Probe   Cat No  CT-LSP179

Locus Specific Probe for ABL1 Gene       

The ABL1 FISH Probe is designed to detect the human ABL1 gene located on chromosome band 9q34.12. ABL1 is also known as ABL.


The ABL1 FISH probe is labeled with CytoOrange. CytoOrange is a fluorophore with an excitation peak at 551nm and emission peak at 575nm, giving it an orange fluorescent signal with the appropriate filters.

ABL1 FISH probe hybridizes to chromosome 9 in both metaphase and interphase cells. After hybridizing with normal human peripheral blood lymphocyte samples, two distinct orange fluorescent spots are observed in the interphase nuclei, each spot corresponding to the 9q34.12 region on the chromosome 9. In metaphase cells, a “doublet” or “split signal” may appear on chromosomal region 9q34.12. Each signal within the doublet represents one of the two sister chromatids present in the replicated chromosome 9.

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