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At Cytotest, we aim to exceed the highest ethical and scientific standards in all our activities and operations. We maintain a network of close and active relationships with key players in the academic, biotech, clinical and regulatory communities, and we value and cultivate our alliances with our customers and business partners.

Over the last several years, the molecular diagnostics market has emerged as the by far most rapidly growing segment of the laboratory diagnostic industry. According to most industry analysts, this trend is expected to continue for the coming 5-10 years or longer.

In the quickly advancing disciplines of molecular diagnostics and personalized medicine, new technologies and applications are added at a fast pace, facilitating product development, supporting clinical development of targeted therapeutics, and changing established standards in discovery, screening, diagnosis and treatment. 

Cytogenetics solution provider and consultant

Cytotest has a strong and enthusiastic team of scientists specialized in cytogenetics, molecular and cellular biology, human genomics, clinical chemistry and molecular pathology.

From our initial focus on design and production of cutting-edge cytogenetic reagents, devices and protocols, we are on our way to become a leading provider of molecular diagnosis solutions. We are interested in partnering through research, development and marketing cooperations, with experts across many disease areas including novel and rare conditions, as well as through strategic partnerships to develop molecular tools for unmet diagnostic needs. To this end, we maintain a number of robust research collaborations, mainly with academic laboratories and hospitals.

We are also excited to add new projects to our list of coalitions focused on preclinical and clinical validation, quality control, synthesis optimization and method improvement.     

GMP OEM facility in China and USA

Cytotest owns a Class 3 IVD manufacturing facility in Beijing, China, and is operating an ISO 13485 certified IVD facility in Rockville, Maryland, USA.

Combined with our leading edge development infrastructure and nimble and energetic mode of operation, this enables us to respond to routine or special request in a flexible and timely manner, particularly in the design, production and optimization of medical devices for risk assessment and screening, and for diagnostic, prognostic and theranostic applications, especially in prenatal and oncology testing.

Moreover, we can run production under diverse regulatory requirements and, importantly, can manufacture at all scales – from small amounts for basic laboratory investigation to reproducible quantities of probes and kits for validated clinical use.  

CRO service for China FDA, focus in medical devices

Due to our state-of the-art production facilities and our broad network of vigorous collaborative partnerships, we are able to advise and assist not only in your research and development activities but also in your strategic planning toward China FDA registration as well as market entry, penetration and acceptance, in China and elsewhere.

We are also interested in working with local distributors for our products and services in geographic areas not currently covered by our network, including traditionally underserved regions.

We are committed to pursue all our partnerships and collaborations with loyalty, professionalism and responsibility, so that doing business with us is both effective and enjoyable.

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