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Medical Scientist – Prepare, analyze and design new human DNA FISH probes, which will be applied in various genetic diagnostics such as cancer and prenatal screenings; Translate new products research results into commercial products for further use; Develop standard operation protocols for a mass-production scale at the company’s ISO 3845-certified manufacturing facility; Plan, direct and execute research and development programs in the research department; Supervise projects that require interaction with business and manufacture units; Investigate the feasibility of new programs; Plan and conduct laboratory research to develop methodologies, instrumentation, and procedures for medical application; and Analyze data and present finding reports to company’s officials, doctors, and medical institutions. Doctor of Medicine or equivalent. Experience in and/or knowledge of cell culture and freezing techniques; cell property analysis, nucleic acid related techniques; isolation, purification and analysis of DNA,; PCR, TR-PCR. Resumes to job location: CytoTest, Inc. Attn: Human Resources 9430 Key West Ave Suite 210 Rockville, MD 20850

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