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CytoHYB CT500   Cat No  CT-ACC601


The CytoHYB CT500 denaturation and hybridization instrument is a programmable system for automated processing in slide-based FISH procedures.  The machine is equipped with several distinct advantageous features, including convenient touchscreen programming, integral USB port, unparalleled heating speed and accuracy, minimal temperature variation, and higher humidity range. Moreover, a unique design with liquid grooves allows for convenient humidification and stable humidity control in the chamber interior. In addition, the unit is easy to clean, and there is no need for disposable foam strips, or for any other accessory consumables that have to be frequently replaced.

Accepting a broad range of sample types, and equipped with slide guides that keep slides in place and allow for one-hand placement and removal, the low cost unit drastically reduces hands-on time without compromising precision and reproducibility. The product is suitable for a wide variety of denaturation and hybridization experimental strategies, with four distinct modes of operation: Denaturation/hybridization, Hybridization, Custom, and in situ PCR processes. The integrated heated water tank and secure-sealed heated lid provide experimental consistency to the system, which can process up to 12 slides simultaneously.

Available for operation with both 110-120V or 220-240V power supply.

Safety Document

Please contact our technical support for safety documents.


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