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Product Description

CytoTest FISH probes are manufactured with genomic DNA obtained either from microdissected human chromosomes or cloned DNA fragments, depending on the probe type. The probes are labeled with the following fluorophores. The maximum peaks of excitation and emission wavelength for each dye and DAPI (Dihydrochloride 4',6'-Diamidino-2-phenylindole) counterstain are listed below. For optimal results, microscope filter sets must be selected which are compatible with the fluorescence of the probes.


Excitation Peak (nm) Emission Peak (nm) Compatibility with Other Dyes
CytoRedTM 583 605    SpectrumRed
   Propidium iodide (543-614)
CytoOrangeTM 551 575    SpectrumOrange
CytoGoldTM 523 549    SpectrumGold
CytoGreenTM  495 518    SpectrumGreen
CytoAquaTM 422 471    SpectrumAqua
DAPI 358 461  

Warning & Precaution

Excessive exposure to light can cause the probe fluorophores to photobleach. Please take appropriate precautions when handling all reagents and slides containing probes to avoid direct and prolonged light exposure.


Store the FISH probes at -20 degree Celsius in the dark. Avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles. Please check the expiration date on the product label before use.

Quality Control

All CytoTest FISH probes are tested by in situ hybridization to normal human lymphocytes metaphase spreads prior to shipping.


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