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Medical Scientist (Ph.D., Master, and B.S. degrees) – We are in constant search of outstanding and dedicated scientists that are skilled in the preparation, analysis, and designing of new human DNA FISH probes that are applicable to various genetic diagnostics such as cancer (solid tumors and hematologic malignancies) and prenatal screenings. CytoTest is actively developing new research and commercial products for uses in basic research and clinical laboratories. We continually strive for better and newer product design and production methods under validated standard operation protocols and in compliance with our ISO 13485-certified manufacturing facility. Qualified scientists (MD, Ph.D., or equivalent) that are experienced in the planning and directing studies using genetic instrumentation and procedures for medical application, executing laboratory research to develop new methodologies; capable of investigating new program feasibility; experienced and skilled in gathering, analyzing, and preparing genetic related reports. Moreover, we are also seeking junior scientists with knowledge and experience in molecular and cellular freezing techniques; cell property analysis; nucleic acid related techniques such as isolation, purification, and analysis of DNA, PCR, RT-PCR, and etc. Qualified business professionals with supervisory, sales, marketing, and project management experiences are welcome. It is especially desirable if the applicant also possess intra-departmental experience in between business and molecular and genetic manufacture units.

Please send your resume:

Attn: Dr. Reinhard Ebner

CytoTest, Inc.

1395 Piccard Drive, Suite 308,

Rockville, MD 20850

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