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   Does CytoTest provide custom FISH probes?
   How soon after ordering can I expect to receive the FISH probes that I have ordered?
   Does CytoTest provide demo units for its FISH probes?
   What are the package sizes and prices of CytoTest’s FISH probes?
   Do I need to use antifade to prevent photobleaching of CytoTest’s FISH probes?
   Is there any precaution that we need to pay particular attention to when using your probe?
   Are CytoTest’s probes ready-to-use, or do they need to be denatured prior to use?
   Are CytoTest’s FISH probes directly labeled or indirectly labeled with fluorescent dye?
   Can I dilute CytoTest’s FISH probes?
   What is the difference between terminal band probes and subtelomeric probes?
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