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ABL2 Break Apart FISH Probe Kit   Cat No  CT-PAC342
Leukemia & Other Malignancies Diagnostic Kit


The ABL2 Break Apart FISH Probe Kit is designed to detect rearrangements in the human ABL2 locus mapping to chromosome band 1q25.2. In addition to revealing breaks, which can lead to translocation of parts of the gene, inversion, or its fusion to other genes, the probe set can also be used to identify other ABL2 aberrations such as deletions or amplifications. Rearrangements and abnormal expression of the ABL2 gene – also known as ARG or ABLL - have been observed in acute non-lymphocytic leukemia (AML) patients, some acute lymphocytic T-cell lines, and other malignancies.


The probe set is labeled with CytoOrange and CytoGreen. CytoOrange is a fluorophore with an excitation peak at 551 nm and emission peak at 575 nm, giving it an orange fluorescent signal with an appropriate filter; CytoGreen has an excitation peak at 495 nm and emission peak at 518 nm, giving it a green fluorescent signal with an appropriate filter.

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