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  染色体计数探针 (CCP)
CCP13+21 FISH Probe   Cat No  CT-CCP313
13+21 号染色体计数探针              

The CCP13+21 probe is designed to detect the copy number of chromosomes 13 and 21 or to serve as a control to determine the relative copy number of genes located on 13, 21 or other chromosomes.* The probe is derived from specific alpha satellite DNA recognizing chromsomes 13 and 21. 


The CCP13+21 probe is labeled with CytoGreen. CytoGreen is a fluorophore with an excitation peak at 495 nm and emission peak at 518 nm, giving it a green fluorescent signal with the appropriate filters. The probe can also be labeled in different colors; please contact us with your specifications.

The CCP13+21 probe hybridizes to chromosomes 13 and 21 in both metaphase and interphase cells. After hybridizing with normal human peripheral blood lymphocyte samples, four distinct bright fluorescent spots could be observed in the interphase nuclei under a fluorescence microscope. In metaphase cells, bright signals can be observed on the centromere region of chromosomes 13 (13p11.1-q11.1) and 21 (21p111-q11.1).  

* CytoTest shall not be responsible for patent infringement or any other violation that may occur with the use of this product.



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