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  • The Denaturation and Hybridization System TDH-500 is a product designed to use MCU with PID control method, ideal for maximum 12 slides denaturation and hybridization.
  • Our products are prepared for both research and diagnostic purposes in the US, in China and worldwide. All of our products are manufactured in accordance with relevant regulations.
  • In addition to FISH probes, CytoTest also provides accessory reagents for sample pretreatment and post-hybridization wash for optimal performance of Cytotest FISH probes.
  • CytoTest offers centromere probes (CCP) that can examine the number of copies of a chromosome and also locus probes (LSP) that can check anomalies such as amplification and deletion of a gene.
  • CytoTest provides custom FISH probes as well. You let us know the genes that you are interested, and we make the FISH probes for you. Together,we can develop new diagnostic tools.
  • Our products are quality tested to assure they meet the highest standards. A multi-year optimization effort resulted in products with higher quality than other probes used in the industry.
  • The excitation and emission wavelength of the fluorophores used for Cytotest FISH probes are compatible with the industry standard.


NTRK基因家族编码三种受体酪氨酸激酶,长期以来已知它们在不同细胞类型的存活和分化中起作用。 近年
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CytoTest已成功从ISO 13485:2012升级到ISO 13485:2016。 ISO 1
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