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  DNA 检测探针
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Custom Probes 

CytoTest frequently receives requests for custom synthesized probes, for novel, rare or specialized applications.
If you are looking for a FISH probe not listed in this catalog, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone!
Our pipeline includes probes for clinically validated as well as research-stage targets and custom-designed products. New products are added continually, in part derived from our internal research and development efforts but more often as a result of requests for the development of specific tests from our customers, especially in the areas of rare cancers and of companion diagnostics for novel therapeutics.



If  you are looking for a probe, kit or reagent and cannot find it on our website or in our catalog, please let us know! – Your desired product may already be in the pipeline, or may have been recently added and not yet listed. You may only seek a minor modification to design or synthesis of an existing product, e.g. in a new non-standard color or with enhanced intensity, or you may be looking for an entirely new probe or probe set.



We will work with you in a flexible and accommodating fashion, in whichever collaborative model is most preferable and convenient for you, and carry out one or all of the development process steps, including




n   initial design

n   synthesis and testing

n   quality control and performance validation

n   protocol optimization

Custom probe synthesis will be considered completed only after you have received an optimized solution appropriate for your laboratory, clinical or research project. Finally, we will help you to adjust use protocols for unconventional or challenging sample types, such as dense or calcified tissues, complex biological fluids, or specimens derived from unconventional fixing protocols or cell spreads.

Please tell us about your desired reagent or intended application, via phone at 1-202-505-0204 or email at .

Our scientists will be honored to assist you in any way they can.


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